Trade Platform

MetaTrader 4.0 is the program which was developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. It is possible to call it the most effective, operational and convenient software for Internet trading in the market Forex and CFD.

Possibilities of the program

  • Internet trading on Forex and CFD
  • Instant Execution, и Request Execution;
  • the most extensive technical analysis. The program offers a wide range of the built-in indicators and tools, schedules, a possibility of creation of various indicators for the user during various periods of time (from a couple of minutes to several months)
  • the program offers the options in different languages allowing to establish the individual trade strategy (Expert Advisors) and also gives the chance to check its historical data
  • MetaTrader 4.0 contains the multilingual interface of the platform (English, German, French, Russian, Arab, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Bulgarian, etc.)
  • each user receives an internal mailbox
  • the program offers history of management of databases and subject to import / export for convenience of the user
  • Meta Trader Mobile: MetaTrader 4.0 Mobile для PDA;
  • the management of the help of language for MetaTrader 4.0 and Meta Quotes Language 4

The MetaTrader 4.0 program can be downloaded free of charge. If you are a beginner in the market, and do not know all subtleties of trade, the program gives the chance to practise. Free of charge and without loss of money. For this purpose, it is enough to open on the floor space of a demo account. Besides, on any questions, you can address our service of customer care

It is important to know

  • MetaTrader 4.0 does not work under Windows 95. The display resolution 1024×768 is minimum
  • MetaTrader 4.0 Server IP address specified in the section FAQ.

What is the Expert in MetaTrader 4.0?

Advisers in MetaTrader 4.0 automatically analyze the current situations in the market, opening or closing of a position. They change or delete positions of orders. The program is written to Meta Quotes Language 4 (MQL 4), and, in fact, is a new method of trade which saves you a lot of time and exempts from daily procedures of the management.

The adviser helps the user:

  • to avoid the daily manual procedure due to automation of process of trade and control of orders;
  • it is continuous to monitor the current situation in the market

Thanks to MetaTrader 4.0, it is optional to you to be in front of the computer 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The strategy of a training can be realized, using Meta Quotes Language 4 and a trading platform.

Meta Quotes Language 4 can be used for record:

  • Expert Advisors" Advisers — the mechanical trading systems which help to create notifications or can serve for trade and management of orders (automatically, without your presence);
  • Custom Indicators" User indicators. They are created by you or other users of the client MetaTrader 4.0 terminal in addition to the built-in technical indicators which were integrated into MetaTrader 4.0;
  • Scripts modules » Scenarios are modules which perform repeated operations.
  • Libraries – Libraries. Are often used by other users of the program.
  • Meta Quotes Language 4 allows to cause functions from external DLL — libraries and to get access to the file system of the computer. Thus, you have an opportunity to carry out trade strategies of complexity of ANY.
  • New Advisers test new technologies with use of historical data. They allow to check efficiency of your trade strategies within several minutes. Meta Quotes Language 4 is very simple and available even to those who are a little familiar with programming.
  • Main menu is the Main menu (access to the menu of the program and settings);
  • Toolbars is the Toolbars (fast access to the program to functions and settings);
  • Market Watch is the Review of the Market (quotations in real time on the specified documents);
  • Navigator is the Navigator (fast access to all the accounts, indicators, advisers);
  • Chart;
  • The terminal (gives quick access to the auction and the account history, the list of open positions and orders, the client terminal the log - the file and internal mailboxes).

How to use MetaTrader 4.0?

By clicking the "hot" Ctrl M keys, Quotations in real time in the section "Review of the Market" become more active (Review of the Market window). Also you can activate this option, having pressed the toolbar button. For this purpose it is necessary to right-click on the Review of the Market window and to receive a context menu:

  • The new Order — gives the chance to open and close positions, to place the new postponed warrant;
  • The window the schedule — allows to see the schedule of currency pair or CFD;
  • The schedule – shows to the user the tikovy schedule of the chosen tool;
  • To hide — deletes the specified symbol in the list of the Review of the Market window;
  • To hide everything — deletes all symbols from the list of the Review of the Market window which are not used (however if you have open positions or charts, its symbols will not be removed);
  • To show everything — shows all available symbols "Review of the Market";
  • Symbols – reveals the hidden windows if they are hidden; shows the chosen symbols;
  • Sets – gives the chance to keep, adjust or delete the user settings for the windows "Review of the Market";
  • Maximum / minimum — shows / hides columns with the highest and to the lowest prices for each tool;
  • Time — displays a column with arrival of time of the last quote for each tool;
  • The grid — hides or shows lines of scale of a grid from the Review of the Market window;
  • Emerging the prices — the pop-up window showing quotations in real time for the chosen documents.

The MetaTrader 4.0 program allows to monitor by means of charts huge amount of quotations in real time, all in the same window, for any currency pair or CFD for this period of time.

The following types of charts are available to the user:

Line chart

The line chart shows the change in price over time. It is the sequence of the values of the price recorded through a standard time interval. Values are connected among themselves by straight lines. It is obvious that, the time interval is less, the more precisely the schedule reflects all rate fluctuations.
We advise this type of the chart to use only for the short periods of time, no more than 5 minutes.

If you want to change the chart or the diagram, press the diagrams toolbar button or use the "hot" Alt 3 keys.

Stylar schedules

Stylar schedules or bars, display four importance of the price which is in a special way chosen in the set time interval.

All four values are reflected in columns (bars) in a special way.

Principle of construction following: vertically High and Low connect, and at the Open and Close levels marks are given:

  • the price of opening of a position (the mark is drawn at the left);
  • the price of closing of a position (the mark is drawn on the right);
  • the maximum value of the price for this period (the upper bound – high) li>
  • the minimum value of the price for this period (the lower bound – low);
  • value of the price in a final point of a time interval (the closing price – close)

Attention! we Advise to use this type of the chart for a period of 5 and more minutes. For this purpose, it is possible to click "graphic toolbars", to use a key shortcut of Alt 1 or
diagrams of the menu — the scheme of the menu of bar.

Candle schedules

The most ancient type of the schedule and analysis is, of course, the Japanese candles (japanese candlestick) loved by traders.

Candle schedules were thought up in Japan in the 17th century. In the western technical analysis they appeared in the late eighties and at once became popular. The reason is that "candles" give more information on internal dynamics of the market, and on change of his moods.

Basic elements same candles: opening (open), maximum (high), minimum (low) and closing (close). But the prices of opening and closing connect not a thin stick, but candle "body" in the form of a rectangle.

For change of the chart on the candle diagram press the Charts button on the toolbar or use a combination of the "hot" Alt 1 keys and also the menu of Graphics — Svechny under the menu.
If the price of opening is less than the price of closing (open < close), i.e. the price for the period grew, the candle is called growing, and her body is represented by a white rectangle. If price of discovery of high price of closing (open > close), i.e. the price for the period fell, the candle is called falling, and the body of a candle will be black.

On top and from below bodies of a candle are represented by "shadows" (shadows). These are the segments connecting a candle body to maximum (high) and minimum (low) values of the price for the period.

If the maximum or minimum price matches the price of opening or closing (open or close = high or low), then the candle has no corresponding shadow. If open = close, then a body of a candle turns into a horizontal hyphen. Such candle is called Dodges (doji).

the Tikovy diagram

the Tikovy diagram offers br the most detailed information on the change in price and displays each new currency quotation. A time step of the tikovy diagram uneven as it is constructed disproportionately time course. Each change in price is reflected in vertical direction and is followed by movement of a small standard step in horizontal direction. Therefore, at the active market (when make many operations) for a certain interval there are multiple price fluctuations and the line on the diagram begins "twitch". In that case when the market is quiet and quotations are updated seldom, for the same interval few tics are noted.
If diagrams always built on all quotations, it should analyze very large volume of data. That to avoid it, apply division into equal periods – intervals (periods). Then from all set of the prices for a specific interval select from one to four values as his "representative".

In MetaTrader 4.0 for reflection of diagrams can use 9 standard temporary periods: 1 minute (1 Minute – 1M), 5 minutes (5M), 15 minutes (15M), 30 minutes (30M), 1 hour (1 Hour – 1H), 4 hours (4 Hour – 4H), 1 day (Day – D), 1 week (Week – W) and 1 month (Month – MN). In need of means of MetaTrader 4.0 allow to create diagrams with other non-standard intervals, for example, 20 minutes or 6 hours.