Cryptocurrency — the kind of digital currency, creation and control of which are based on cryptographic methods. As a rule, accounting of cryptocurrencies is decentralized. Functioning of these systems is based on such technologies as a blockchain, the directed acyclic count, the consensus register (ledger), etc. Information on transactions usually is not ciphered and is available in open form. For ensuring the invariance of base of a chain of blocks of transactions cryptography elements are used (the digital signature on the basis of a system with an open key, consecutive caching).

The term was fixed after the publication of Article o to the Bitcoin of "Crypto Currency" system (Cryptographic currency) published in 2011 in the Forbes log. The author of bitcoin, as well as many others, used the term "electronic cash" (English electronic cash). The cryptocurrency can be developed from scratch or use the public source code of other cryptocurrency. If, in addition to the code, the new cryptocurrency also uses already available chain of blocks of initial cryptocurrency, such cryptocurrency is called a fork of initial cryptocurrency. Different cryptocurrencies apply mining, forging or ICO to the emission. Why cryptocurrencies – it is favorable? In 2017 around the world there was the real boom of the cryptocurrency market. The cost of some electronic money grew in thousands of times! Capitalization of the market of all existing cryptocurrencies exceeded $500 billion! Leading experts and financial analysts predict the further growth of the cryptocurrency market. Do not miss an opportunity to earn on it!